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The YCCD Governing Board understands the broad range of effects the recent decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has had on many students who are a part of the YCCD family. The United States of America is a generous and compassionate nation and peoples and the YCCD Governing Board Trustees, as well as the Administration, Faculty and staff, are firmly committed to long-term support for all of our students and employees in the pursuit of their individual liberties and educational goals.

Although the DACA recession has made the future uncertain for hundreds of YCCD students and created an obstacle of uncertainty to their educational success, the action changes nothing in the YCCD commitment to serving all students regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, identity, medical condition, disability, or immigration status, consistent with the laws and policies of this country and the State of California.

This page contains information and resources to support YCCD DACA students. Resources and information will be updated as YCCD is notified about community and regional events, workshops, services and legislative updates in an effort to assist all students affected by the DACA rescission. Please check back here for updates.

A list of educational and informational resources are listed below:

YCCD Commitment to Students

  • YCCD Board of Trustees DACA Resolution and Commitment to Students: and
  • Statement to YCCD from Chancellor Houston: )
  • YCCD Board Policies on Diversity, Discrimination and Harassment: ;

Information on DACA Rescission

  • Official Memorandum from Department of Homeland Security Regarding DACA Rescission
  • Department of Homeland Security DACA FAQ:

Legal Resources for Students

  • California Community College Chancellor’s Office – Resources for Undocumented Students:
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center DACA Information:
  • National Immigration Law Center DACA:
  • What You Need to Know About the End of DACA:
  • California Immigrant Policy Center Resource Guide:
  • United We Dream:
  • Central Valley Immigration Legal Referral List
  • Ready California – Immigration and Legal Services:
  • California Department of Social Services – Immigration Legal Services:
  • State of California – DACA Updates –

Other Resources

  • I Can Afford College –
  • Educational Resource Binder: College Access for Undocumented Students in California –
  • Applying for In-State Tuition Guide –
  • California In-State Tuition Tool –

2019 Undocumented Student Week of Action – October 15 – 19
Webinars provided by the Community College League of California

Frequently Asked Questions about DACA as an YCCD Student

Question: Will all students continue to have access to higher education?

Answer:Yes for now but future eligibility depends on Congressional action.In the event the rescinded DACA program is not replaced by congressional action, nor halted or overturned by legal challenges or State legislative actions, access for undocumented students may ultimately be denied.Until then, Federal regulations and State law allow all students, including children of undocumented immigrants, to pursue higher education in the United States.

Question: Will documentation status be provided to law enforcement agencies?

Answer:No.The Ƶ College District is required by State and Federal law and District policy to protect the privacy of its students.

Question: Will the District participate in creating a registry of undocumented students?

Answer:No. Federal and State law prohibit disclosing students’ education records to anyone except with a valid legal subpoena, warrant, or court order.

Question: Will District Police enforce federal immigration laws?

Answer:No.The District Police are responsible for enforcing certain state and local laws and District policies; they have no jurisdiction over federal immigration laws.